Our service



We believe that having a good foundation is extremely important for our own production processes and for enabling us to supply the perfect end product. That is why we only work with certified slaughterhouses. Our production process uses only carefully selected base products that have all been thoroughly checked by us personally.



Our natural products are dried in a state-of-the-art drying installation. All aspects of the drying process are closely monitored and controlled so we can guarantee the highest quality. Our drying process also ensures that our end products are pure and delivered under anti-bacterial conditions. This allows us to guarantee that the products can remain in stock for at least 12 months. Our production process complies with the strict conditions dictated by the FASFC, the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain, under approval number PET003.



The packaging of our products is entirely adapted to the requirements of the customer. Bulk packaging or detail packaging is available. Bulk packaging is possible in cardboard or in net bags. Detail packaging utilises custom-sized eurolock or full-colour printed bags.



Real Petfood targets the B&B market. An open relationship with our customers is extremely important to us, and therefore we are always open to cooperating with them on new ideas. Our customers are renowned companies that always put quality over quantity – from wholesalers who distribute products to smaller shops to large department stores where we offer our products in accordance their wishes and requirements.